U10 innovation simulation project

For part 3-4 the U10 innovation simulation project, students are asked to choose one unifying theme for their group. Does this mean select one of the innovations they researched individually in step 2?

Yes. Each person in the group will have a different innovation (picked from one of their 3 innovations) that fits their character’s vision and the groups theme.

OK thank you. How much creativity is needed in the innovations that students choose? Should they be allowed to modify something that they found? I am noticing that students want to invent new technologies and have a lot of creative ideas, but they should be choosing innovations that already exist, correct?

I think their one-pager will be much better if they choose a technology that exists. I made the mistake of not being specific about using an existing technology. They came up with some really great innovations but then the analysis of benefits and harms became very hypothetical. In the future, I will have them choose only something that exists so that they can do some good research on it.

I have to say I am not looking forward to this assignment remotely. I am hearing from others as well that participation just isn’t happening.