U1 L1 Rapid Prototype

Has anyone had good results with the rapid prototype activity of CSP U1 L1? I like the initial question (what is something you are really good at - that you could teach) and I like the group share out. I’m afraid I might lose them with the “how could technology help?” and I don’t have a way to scaffold creativity here. I feel if the students could answer this question they’d already have a tech startup. Wouldn’t they?
I’ve done this lesson before - but I need a more effective way to do it. This lesson comes very early in the year and so the students need to feel supported. Thank you for sharing what has worked for you.

I’m not sure that I’m fully happy with this yet, but I (and my co-teacher) created a slide deck (with instructions at the beginning) and 2-3 examples from us-as-a-group on the first few slides. Students chose an idea from their group and each group added on a slide. They were told ahead of time that one group member, randomly chosen, would be asked to “present” (on gMeets) but they could decide how/who spoke. They had some time “in class” as well as a day between classes to work, if needed. (We are fully online, meet 4x/week, one day “independent work”). Only about 1 out of 15 was “very similar” to the teacher pre-examples.

This is one of the teacher slides:

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