Explore PT - Innovation Question

One of my students asked if they can use an innovation that is “under development”. There is lots of information out there about the computing innovation but it is not yet in use. I’'m brand new at this and I honestly wasn’t sure. Your thoughts / feedback?

Just a little disclaimer: if this is the “real” explore that is going to the College Board (not the practice), we really cannot tell students what counts as an innovation during the task.

That being said, the major concern I see with this one is the impact on society, economy, and culture. If the innovation doesn’t exist yet, I don’t know how much information there will be out there about impact on society/economy/culture. But, if there are articles talking about the hypothetical impact, then I think that is probably fine.

Innovations that generally don’t work are ones that are more hardware focused (and the student ignores the COMPUTER part of the innovation) or ones without enough written about them for students to do accurate research.

That’s my thinking though.

Ok. Thanks! Yes, we were actually doing the “survival guide” activities where you brainstorm what innovations are and the question came up. So the students aren’t actually at the step where they are actually working on their individual explore task yet. It was more of a general question and I just wasn’t sure. I appreciate your additional clarification. The kids were a little concerned today after we did the activity where we go through the annotated samples - and the one that got 1 point because it wasn’t considered an innovation. They started worrying about that happening.