Starting the Explore Task: Need Help


My students are starting the Explore Task.
A few of them had questions if their choices for the Explore Task was a true innovation.
Would the following be considered an innovation:

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Robot Companion


Once they start the Explore Task, you are not allowed to help them. This includes telling them if their choice is a Computing Innovation or not.



What I do when my students ask me that question is to say “Can you answer “Yes” all these questions?”

  1. Does the innovation contain a computer or software?
  2. Does the innovation have a beneficial effect on society, economy, or culture?
  3. Does the innovation have a harmful effect on society, economy or culture?
  4. Is this harmful effect a result of using the innovation as it is intended to be used?
  5. Can you describe the data the innovation uses and how that data is consumed, produced, or transformed?
  6. Can you identify one data storage, security or privacy concern?
  7. Can you find two recent (within the last last) sources?

If the answer is yes to all those questions, then it should be an acceptable innovation. I do not pass judgement on their claims or the innovation, I merely ask them if they can answer “yes” to all those questions.