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If a student has created their own computing INNOVATION which has never been produced, seen, used or written about by anyone, however, their innovation produces/consumes data and has an effect on society/economy as well as security, privacy and storage concerns…Can this student still use his/her own innovation?

if so, how would they CITE sources?

If NO, does this mean all computing innovations have to be innovations created by others?

I went to the college board website and this is what I found:

General Requirements

You are also required to:

investigate your computing innovation using a variety of sources (e.g. print, online, expert interviews);
cite at least three sources that helped you create your computational artifact and/or formulate your written responses;
At least two of the sources must be available online or in print; your third source may be either online, in print, or a personal interview with an expert on the computing innovation.
At least two of the sources must have been created after the end of the previous academic year.
produce a computational artifact that illustrates, represents or explains the computing innovation’s intended purpose, its function, or its effect; and
provide written responses to questions about your computational artifact and computing innovation.

A possible scenario is that they find an expert and have them review the innovation. What do you think?

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Thanks. Like you, I have been searching up and down for a possible solution to what I believe is the ultimate. A student CREATING AN INNOVATION like they were asked to do in the first week of school. It wouldn’t have sources but they would have to describe in detail how is affects our society, culture or economy. How it consumes, produces or transforms data and concerns about security, storage or privacy.

It’s looking like a NO at this point.

Thanks so much

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Ha ha. I started asking this of the College Board on Day 1!!! (years ago). And yes, the effort is thwarted by the need to be able to cite a news source about the innovation.

Now…all the student has to do is get some press! Then you’re in business!


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HA. Since I also had my students all start blogs earlier in the year to promote their learning and help learn so many “soft skills” I bet they could get their friends to “publish” a story about their innovations. HA HA

However, I’ll stick to the AP Exam game plan and have them research and explore another innovation.

Can you share what your students do for their blogs? What site do they use? Do you give the prompts? Thx

It was my first go around having students start blogs so it was a ton of salesmanship and brainstorming of ideas of WHY.

Let me know if you can’t open and I will send via email.

Here are some docs to view to give you some ideas:

Student Examples


They could use any blogging platform.