Data Innovation Ideas/List

My students and I are having a hard time coming up with good data innovations. And frankly, I’m a little de-movtivated (un-motivated?) since the Explore PT has been eliminated for next year. Having said that, does anyone have some type of resource for ideas for data innovations? I’d really like to move past this and get the rest of this unit done. Thanks

Hello @windjc - I am sure other teachers and moderators will respond soon with ideas for brainstorming innovations. I want to just quickly mention that the Explore Task is not going away next year (19-20), but will be removed the following year (20-21).

To reiterate:

18-19 school year: Explore PT? YES
19-20 school year: Explore PT? YES
20-21 school year: Explore PT? NO

You can read more about this in the Collegeboard’s announcement.

~ Hannah

We, too, are having difficulty coming up with what is meant by an innovation. I was thinking of an innovation as a new/creative device that uses or collects data. However; my students are choosing very broad things/ideas that may collect or use data. My thinking is probably too narrow but theirs may be too broad.

Here are some of their ideas. Can someone give me some feedback on the ones that you would reject and why?

  • SpaceX resusable rockets
  • Google Maps
  • Spotify/Music Radio/Playlists
  • Shot Tracker
  • Video Games
  • Self Driving cars

I agree some of these, like video games and self driving cars are too broad. Ask them to narrow down to a specific game and/or specific feature.

I think it would be any innovation that uses data. Here are some examples - autopilot feature of self-driven cars, facial recognition software, apple pay, facebook messenger, etc

I would also suggest using the “Explore Survival Guide” which leads students to think through different aspects of different innovations.