Unit 2 Chapter 1 Assessment (Lesson 1 to 6)



Thank you so much for sharing. Would you mind emailing me the answer key for this, kelli.cash@mayfield.kyschools.us


Thanks for the study guide- could you share with me via email the answer key? Thanks again!


I did an assessment on Unit 2. I compiled questions from code,org and my own questions. https://goo.gl/forms/PeIYwu9KPuj7MPRo1.

Study guide I gave prior: https://docs.google.com/document/d/124I4K_2y4MgqDbBui83eppnxl5IX2vglTcYxSLgvlP8/edit?usp=sharing

Overall, students did REALLY well despite my original thought that it would be challenging. A few did very poorly, however they most likely didn’t study. This being an AP class, I wanted some rigor and my students are stepping up to the challenge.


Thanks for sharing! It looks the google form is locked which is fine! Since we want to keep the code.org questions secure, it is best to keep that locked down so students (who could wonder through this site) don’t access it.



Absolutley! Just request access and i can give rights!