Unit 2 Chapter 2 Assessment (Lesson 7 to 15)


Share your assessments for Unit 2 Chapter 2.


FYI Students taking the test today noticed that when they went back to check answers on page 1, the answers were gone except question #3. They had to do it over and I told them just don’t go back.



This ‘bug’ is being worked on by the team. A message will be sent when it is fixed. Until then, use your work around.



My work around the bug was to have my students check their answers on page 1 then not go back after they moved on to page two. Once they finished page two they rechecked page 2 answers then submitted the test.

I also received an update from Brook this morning that the bug has been updated and eliminated. We will see effects in the assessment tool soon.


When we share our assessments on this forum, is it private so students cant come across it on the internet? If it is not, why have we not made it private. I think it is very inconvenient to have to personally message each other to email the assessment.

Thanks Dani


No they are not private. There have have been instances of students finding them. That is why we are trying to monitor and remove any Code.org locked questions and/or keys that we find on this forum. Code.org has received the request to make them private, but have not done so for several reasons

  • Technical difficulty

  • An item of future work is to integrate forums into the lesson plan/code studio universe at some point but they’re working on merging lesson plans and code studio at the moment

  • Having the forum be open benefits more people. When resources are all behind a wall people use them less.

  • It’s not possible to hide just some threads— only whole categories can be made private. This means that all assessment-related stuff would have to be pulled out of where it’s shared which would create a lot of confusion


I’ve forgotten how to activate the Assessments. I’m in Unit 2 at the end of Stage 15. Help!


Here is the FAQ on Assessments


Thank you! I’ve bookmarked the FAQ for future reference. I found this a few minutes ago today by making sure I was in Teacher Mode inside Code Studio and going to the Assessment Stage. The right panel provided the prompt to select a Section – which then opened the door to control everything regarding the assessments.