Unit 2 Chap 1 Assessment - Blank Answers


Hi there,
My students recently took this assessment, and strange things are occurring. One of the questions was filled in already, but I realize that it is a repeat question from Unit 1 (there is a nice post about this in another thread).

When students took the test, if they went to page 2 then back to page 1, all of their answers were blank, even though they had answered them all. Same thing when I go to look at their tests online… some (not all) of their answers are blank. And it also occurs if I put the test in “view” mode for students.

If I look at the “Assessments/Surveys” tab, I can see their responses, so I know they have been recorded.

I like to give my students the opportunity to look at their errors so that they know what they need to study, and I don’t see another easy way to do this.


In the same place you unlocked the assessment there should be the ability to Show Answers.
Let me know if that helps.


Nope, I tried this before, and students see the tests with all of their answers blank, as if they haven’t taken it. I believe that they should see their own answers, correct?


Thanks Will! I talked to @baker and they have found the bug that is causing the blank answers and they are working on it.

We will update this thread when they have squashed the bug!!


@will_wright My work around the bug was to have my students check their answers on page 1 then not go back after they moved on to page two. Once they finished page two they rechecked page 2 answers then submitted the test.

I also received an update from Brook this morning that the bug has been updated and eliminated. We will see effects in the assessment tool soon.