Student answers deleted when reopening a test previously started


My students were taking a combined midterm exam for Unit 5, using Assessments 2 & 3. We ended up taking it over a two-day period, because they ran out of time. However, on day 2 I had a couple students report that the answers already entered were missing when they opened Assessment 3 on the second day.

As it is now, I have at least one student who has a 3/18 on the MC questions because nearly all of the answers are blank. That means I will either have to throw out the entire test for the two class sections, or figure out some way to have them all take it again, which I do not have time in the year to do, since we are in the middle of the Create PT.

Any suggestions?!?!


Hi @rwilliams,

Other than there being some sort of bug, the only thing I can think of that might be happening is if for some reason those students are opening the lesson from a different version of the curriculum. Assuming you’re using the most recent version of the curriculum, the URL/address at the top of the browser should contain “csp1-2018”. If instead you see “csp1-2017” then replace it with “csp1-2018”.

Probably a long shot though. If you’re convinced it’s something wrong with the system, I recommend reaching out to and they can look into it and hopefully shed some light on the situation.