Unit 2 Chapter 1 Assessment Question 4

My students took the Unit 2 Chapter 1 Assessment today. I only have 10 students in the class. For every student, when they got to question #4 they said answer C was already marked. I warned them to make sure they thought about the question and could confirm answer C was correct…

Why would this answer already be marked?

By the way, the most missed question was #2, which is interesting to me. I felt like that was an easy question and I know we covered this concept.

Hi carole,

I just logged on as a student and didn’t see the problem of question 4 already being marked. Weird! No idea why this happened.


It looks like this question already appeared in the Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assessment as Question 10. Could that be why?

Hi @carole_black and @carrickapcs,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. @carrickapcs is correct that the question is repeated from Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assessment. Behind the scenes those two questions are in fact the same so the students answer persists and will show up on which ever test they take second, which in most cases will be the Unit 2 Chapter 1 test. We did intentionally want to repeat the question to check for improved student understanding but should have made them two distinct questions behind the scenes. Unfortunately we can’t fix it during the year because it would mark all the students who have taken the test work as incomplete. We have recorded it and will fix it for future years once the school year closes.

As a heads up there is a question that has the same issue on the Unit 2 Chapter 2 assessment. It is a question that is a repeat of Unit 1 Chapter 1 as well.


CSP Team