Unit 2 - Final Project



A place to upload final project instructions and sample products. I am including mine in the post below.


Unit Two - Final Project.docx (14.2 KB)
Travel Graph.pdf (116.3 KB)

I gave my students written instructions, demonstrated what i wanted from them, then let them loose.

They had to create a GRAPH with specific location NODES, and mileage/drive time EDGES. In creating the graph, the students had to take in consideration where approximately, the location(s) should be placed.

Students used MapQuest, Google Maps, Inspiration, and MS Word/Google Docs to complete the final project. My period for this particular class runs about 100 minutes, and it took them about 2 days to complete the assignment. Your mileage may vary. :relaxed:


@regparker What a great way to have the students apply the problem solving process and minimal spanning scenario to something they can relate with and interesting.