Unit 3, Lesson 10 Programming Language Confirmation


I am just confirming that the default language for the Design a Digital Scene task (Unit 3, Lesson 10) is JavaScript.

I am asking because in the PT practice reflect, it asks that the students identify the programming language, but doesn’t Code.org use javascript? Doesn’t the fact that they are designing in Code Studio automatically make that answer Javascript? Thanks!

Hi -
Code.org does indeed use JavaScript and that is what students should indicate on the PT. Java is a different programming language from JavaScript so make sure that your students don’t assume that Java and JavaScript are the same thing.

  • Mitch

Thanks :slight_smile: I appreciate the info!

JavaScript, Java is a completely different computer language and not nearly as forgiving as JavaScript.


Hey! thanks! I did mean JavaScript and forgot to look back and edit :sweat_smile: