Unit 3 - Lesson 14 : Interactive Card - student help

I have several students trying to work on their interactive cards. They are working with conditionals and when they have a conditional, they want the entire screen to change to something else. I have one student who has her screen set up to look like the back of an envelope. When she presses a certain key, she wants to whole screen to change… background color of white or blue and that is it. Is there a way to make that stick? She wants it to be like they opened the envelope and when they press the key, they are opening it and looking at the card inside. Obvioulsy all of these details are in the draw loop. I am a beginner here and we have tried all sorts of options. Even my experts in class are stumped.


Hi @krowe,

Thanks for writing in! It sounds like this should be possible if the student uses a variable within the draw loop. Basically, something like:

if num_clicks <=50, draw X; else draw Y.

However, I’m not able to test this myself without a link to the project. If you’d like us to take a further stab at it, please respond to the four prompts below. You addressed 3 & 4 in the initial posting, but it really does help the moderation team if they’re filled out in this format.

  1. Link to your project: click the “Share” button at the top of the page and paste the link it produces into your post.
  2. Are there any particular steps that cause the error?
  3. What did you expect the program to do?
  4. What did it do instead?

Thank you!
–Michael K.