Unit 3, Lesson 14

Link to the project or level: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/JJvC8nQHQWf2Djg4K_dQqzshskdv75z5xYbh79JaJI4
What I expect to happen: Student would like to be able to have the user click on the large rainbow spiral in the center. When the user clicks on the rainbow, the image should change to an rainbow ice cream cone. Student would like for the candy pieces to continue spinning until the user clicks on one.
What actually happens: Student entered a true/false command at the bottom, this resulted in the candy freezing and no longer moving.
What I’ve tried: Student has tried to use true/false commands without success.

I can’t see the project. The share properties are not allowing me to see it. I THINK it sound a great deal like this exercise except in the student’s project, when the sprites are clicked (or mousePressedOver), then the setAnimation is changed.

If changing the setAnimation in the event does not work, please allow the project to be shared and let us know you need further help.

Good luck!


Sorry, Michelle! Sharing has been enabled.


Thanks for sharing.

  1. All candy pieces spinning until user clicks on one would just be a counter pattern in the draw loop like line 41 in the example.
  2. If you want the spinning to start when a key is pressed and continue, you need trigger a variable to change. That way it stays even if the key is not being pressed. Example in line 32 and line 46 &47.
  3. To make the other sprite appear when clicked, hide one with visible =false and show the other with visible = true. Example on line 42 to 44.
    Good luck!
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