Unit 3 Lesson 15: Keyboard Input

Hello I have a student who wants to move his sprite in a diagonal motion by press both the up arrow and the left arrow (or right arrow) at the same time to make his sprite move diagonal. I tried to search for the answer but I was not successful. Any suggestion?


Good morning! Has he tried coding that yet? For example, if he completes stage 6 of lesson 15 (programming the flyer to move up, down, left & right), have him try holding down the up and the right key at the same time to see what happens.

The draw loop should be fast enough to execute both actions (nearly) simultaneously and he should see diagonal motion. If not, we could look at the project and see why it isn’t working correctly…

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much this really helped. I did not even thing to go to Lesson 15 stage 6. Thanks again