Unit 3 Lesson 2 Idea

With the first half of my students (we’re in hybrid with 1/2 the students in for 2 days at a pop), I didn’t do this lesson, but then I had an idea that I tried with the other half. .

I didn’t use the online environment. Instead, I paired them (at a distance) with someone and gave one a blank piece of scrap paper. The other had one of the activity sheets with the sample drawings. The task was to give directions to the person with the blank paper and see how well it went. THEN, I gave the other person the other version of the drawings and had the original direction giver (now drawing) flip their paper over to the side with the grid. They tried again.

This seemed to facilitate discussion of how difficult it is to give directions without a grid reference frame and also how specific one has to be. I used that as a jumping off point to delve a little into how even more specific we have to be when giving directions to a computer. Then on to lesson 3.

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I really like how this version of the lesson involves so many students in the activity and discussion. Hybrid teaching does have its benefits…we get to practice many times and perfect our lessons!
Thank you for sharing!

I think I am a little late on this, but this is what I am doing as an activity for Unit 3 Lesson 2: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1d25bm9FYKDtW_BhKSs40nJ9MiIfqfHdlXcAytgRmfQI/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks so much for sharing. May I please make a copy and use it with my students. I will include a slide in the very beginning giving you the credit for this activity.

Feel free to use it.