Unit 3, Lesson 20, bubble 4

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Link to the project or level: Code.org - Game Lab
**What I expect to happen:**line 50 has the code for the ‘player’ to move up when the up key is pressed - I would expect the player to move up the screen continually
What actually happens: The player moves up once. It seems to be acting like “keyWentDown” instead of “keyDown”
What I’ve tried: deleting the code and re-entering it, refreshing the browser, comparing it to other code written that works as expected.

Hello @ltucker , I looked at your code, but I guess I’m not seeing the problem. The dog goes up with the up key. I didn’t see any code to make it go down. It seems to be working as expected unless I’m reading your expectations incorrectly.

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Her code to make it go down is at lines 56-7

The code at lines 50-51 should cause the dog to go up with a vel of 2 but it will only do it while the up key is being held down. I have the exact same code (with a different player name) in the one I did on my own and it goes up with a vel of 2 as soon as I hit the up key… I’m not sure what’s going on - I don’t think it’s her code, I think it’s her gamelab (?)


Line 45 is the line that is causing the issue you are seeing. The dog’s y value starts at 300 and with each click of the up key, it gets even smaller. As a result, line 45 is always in play and unless you are clicking on the up key, the velocityY of the dog is set to 0.

Hope this helps!


Thanks - I just found it before I logged into my email - wish I’d have read this first!