Unit 3 lesson 20 - sidescroller


I’m having trouble adding a background image (track). As I teach this throughout the year, this is a question that always comes up. The students want to add their own background images instead of drawing them. It works for them during the captioned scenes and interactive cards. However, when they get to the sidescroller it is very difficult for them. In the code below, the background works but the images are blurred during the iteration of the draw loop. Can you please help give me guidance as to fixing this (and offer any additional help with using images as backgrounds). Thank you!

[Code.org - Game Lab]

Good morning @heath.kelley!

Very fun game! I love the theme. I am sorry but I am not sure what images you are referring to? The images that are animating do not look blurred to me. Do you mean the background itself is a little blurred? If yes, I think I can help with that. Let me know.

I have also looked at your other question and will answer that shortly:)