Unit 3 - Lesson 7 #11

I like the new additions that tie in the Create Task.
One question about why the person received 0 points for line 1:
Is it because they used a paramertized version of the function?
Please explain

Specifically, it’s because it’s not a function the student wrote. It was provided by the system. (I think that’s what you meant, but the fact that the function has a parameter doesn’t matter, it’s the authorship).

Also, this is explained with other details in the “Teacher Only” area below the question. Can you see that? Do you have a verified teacher account?

CSP Team

Using comments to organize code into functional blocks is different from abstracting a function. Using functions from the API with or without parameters also cannot count as a student created abstraction.

Hope that helps,

This is my first time through. I see the teachers only comments describing why it received zero points. What could they have done differently to get points?

@squible great question! The issue is that is it is not a student generated abstraction, had they put it inside a function and then called that function, then there would be a student-generated abstraction.

I know it can feel like splitting hairs but that’s why we want to have these conversations now with students.

I think it would be great if the teachers only section included more detail - such as the above.

This is my first time through code.org and CSP and I came to the forum for this answer.