Unit 3 Lesson Lesson 5 Bubble 7 Assessment

Can you change bubble 7 assessment to be a specific size that they set the variable? If it is going to be an assessment bubble, having them choose their favorite size is just moot.

This is an interesting idea for sure! I would suggest sending in a request for this so it gets to the engineers responsible for the actual changes. You can use the “report a problem” option then change the subject line to “I’d like to request a feature”.

I’m not 100% sure why they have them choose their own size, but my hunch is that middle school kids like being goofy and it introduces some level of student choice even into a simple task (which helps their engagement level). My kids end up choosing large eyes or very small ones over half the time.

Also, this one isn’t usually a big problem, but when all kids have to do the exact same thing, I often have kids cheating and copying code from each other. This may just be me, but even on most other assessment levels, I usually require the kids do something to differentiate their solution from the instructions so it encourages creativity and also prevents kids from copying from each other. For example, one of the levels has them find the petal size of a flower so the petals just touch each other. I tell them they have to make other changes like add a stem or change the color of the petals or the background. Kids have more fun and I can still tell if they were able to meet the challenge as well.


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I see your point. Thank you so much for the feedback. I do like changing it up as well and adding in choice on all the other bubbles. I use all my assessment bubbles for quiz grades and almost all of them were goofy on that one because it said choose the what you like best. So on this one I will just change up what I ask them to do rather than sending in a “report a problem” ticket.

I would love to have any suggestions on how any of you grade the students?

Thanks again.

Thank you for the suggestion.