Unit 4-5 Lesson Plan

-Journal entry:Do you think it possible to think of everything ahead of time? Give examples!
-Think pair share with their elbow partner then a few groups share with the class. Discuss as a class about this.
-Describe the final project expectations to the class. Answer any questions needed. Each group picks their topic from the list provided page 199 and 200.
-Each group comes up with a discussion question they want to focus on. Groups must submit their topic for teacher approval.
-Each group will decide on the research questions to ask about the data and the story they hope to tell/ Each group will pose their own research questions. Each group will contribute questions to the survey in order to gather the data necessary to answer their research questions. Each group member will share their question with each other to make sure the question makes sense and can be used to collect data. Students will report back any issues they may have with these. It is important that the questions target the age range and make sure it is not too subjective.
-Design the final research questions based on all the information.

Wrap up-how did you come to a conclusion to pick the final research questions as a group? What steps did you take to achieve this?

Advice: I have not taught this since I only have my students for a semester, but I would think maybe changing some of the research topics that you know will interest the students based on the age group you teach.

Ideas and modifications: Use the same topic for everyone since I teach middle school and I will choose the groups and not let them choose their own groups. My students could easily struggle with research questions.

Resources: Show clips of the topics so they can better understand their topics. Show examples of research questions.