Unit 4 Lesson 12 Decision Maker HELP

I have a student who is having extreme difficulty on her Decision Maker. The APP she is trying to build has questions with three or four turns.

Turn 1
a. Question 1 / Turn 1 Shows a picture of a type of Chocolate.
b. The question is: What is the name of this chocolate?
c. The user chooses from a pull down menu to provide their “guess”.
d. If the User chooses the right answer, then the next screen is to be displayed, and now the user is in Turn 2/question 2.
e. If the user chooses incorrectly, the screen is to “reset” and allow the user to guess until the correct answer is chosen.
f. If the user is wrong, a text is to be displayed that says, “Wrong! try again”.
g. The same procedure follows as the users moves from turn 1 to turn 2, etc., until the game ends.

If you provide answers/hints to this student, I also want to know the answer so I know how to help in the future.

here is the link to her code: https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/AsMuzbJrr8Fgj5vonkWHlp1tfyTYl3y6PYOO6J03E7o

At first glance I see a couple of things wrong with the code. First the onEvents for the buttons must check for “click” instead of “change”. Next, the value of turn is never getting updated.