Unit 4 Mult Choice?

I do not understand how this works with code.org answer key?
Can someone explain?
thanks :wink:

day_of_week will be "Monday" when you get to the if-else statement. Since day_of_week is neither "Saturday" nor "Sunday" weekday is called. weekday displays "School day". Since that answer is not one of the offered answers (with the closest being "School Day") there is, in fact, no correct answer to this question.

I am going to go ahead and open a bug for this.

Ooh, nice catch, both of you.

I was inclined to say that’s minutiae that doesn’t matter, but we teach our students that when it comes to programming, capitalization can make all the difference - so yes, thank you for reporting that mistake. :grin:

Most of the students will choose the close answer and move on. But there is that one student in every class…

PS. I was that student when I was young.