Unit 5 Final Project Description... 'Phone application..." ? ! What?


Boy am I having a hard time with preparing to teach this unit… Can someone explain the phrase ‘phone application’ in the following excerpt from the Unit 5 Final Project description from the ECS Ver. 6.0 curriculum, page 258…

"Final Project

Analyzing Your Data

In the course
of the past few weeks, your group has collected data using the phone application."

I know that ‘Tweet’ data was used but we never, to my knowledge, used a 'phone application. I really do not like the wording or description used for this ‘Final Project’…

Yuck! Help!




The data students should use for their final project was determined on Days 6 and 7 and should have been collected as the lessons progressed through the rest of the unit.

Don’t worry, just keep in mind the overall goals of the unit - the use of computers as tools to manipulate and present data.



We decided to have the students to look up 30 year and 15 year mortgages along with all the statistical data that comes with it. When then had them create comparison charts and make a choice of which was the best loan by proving it with their data


Is it possible that they mean text messages via your SmartPhone or Android? When we did one of these activities in the summer session we were analyzing our text messages to collect data on each other.


In the curriculum, students tracked data with phones and were analyzing the data with charts discussed in the unit.

Regardless of what your students collect data with, having the discussion about what problem you want to solve with the data, what story does the collected data tell us and what makes it valid data that you can use is what the focus is.