Unit 5 Hackathon Help Part 2

We have worked on this for a long while and can’t seem to figure out why it won’t post the final list. The goal is to have it present a list of the breed names for the chosen group.
Thank you in advance!!

Convert this to english:
if (inputgroup==breed[i]) {
What does it actually do?

Sorry about the delay - the student wasn’t responding to emails. He said it is supposed to take the breed group chosen from the drop down and then list all breeds within that group.

That isn’t what it does. There is nothing there to do anything with output to the screen. Ask the student what this line of code does again. Keep asking till enlightenment is atained.

Thank you! I will do that and see what he comes up with. I thought it looked wrong but don’t know enough yet to be able to say that was the case.

In that case let me say that enlightenment is when he sees that he is comparing breed group to breed. They will never be equal.