Unit 5 Hackathon Help

Newbie here - this is my first year teaching CSP and I have a couple of students with the same error in their hackathon project. Can someone that knows what they are doing help me figure out how to fix this please???

Update: We figure this out and have it working. Thanks for the help!

As far as I can tell it works.

Thanks - we were getting an error each time. I had another student take a look and it was filtering when it really didn’t need to.

It works for me too. It may help to provide some more details.

What is the error: [replace with a detailed description of the error you are getting including line numbers if applicable]
What I expect to happen: [replace with a detailed description of the behavior you’re trying to create]
What actually happens: [replace with a detailed description of what actually happens when the code runs including any errors or unexpected behavior]
What I’ve tried: [replace with a detailed description of what you’ve already tried to do to solve the problem]

We did figure it out finally…with a little help. It was an issue with the database and how it was being applied. We fixed it and it works fine now.
Thank you so much!!