Unit 5 Hackathon

Is there a specific reason why students are being assigned the role of Programmer or Designer? It seems like the Designer role will not be practicing the coding skills they need to be developing as much as the Programmer Role. Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • Carl

@cshuptrine Thanks for raising this important question. The roles of Designer and Programmer are available to give students specific responsibilities for the project. However, both students should be participating by designing screens and programming through collaboration. After the screens have been created and shared, there are lots of opportunities for pair programming. In a virtual environment, students can have the option to build individual apps or work together in breakout rooms if they are available.

In addition, this project was designed to mimic parts of the Create Task. In working with a partner on the Create Task, each student does not need to be involved in all the programming, but they DO need to be able to explain how it all works in the Written Response.