Unit 6 Lesson 12 Bubble 8 '22-'23 Version

My students and I were wondering if screens were duplicated in this bubble. No matter what picture we put the cursor over we always got the same screen (Victoria). It was coded to look like there would be 3 different screens (Victoria, Gerald and Valerie). I tried to remix it, but there aren’t any pictures on the screens, so I can’t verify that they’re different from each other.


I think you are correct!! I tried on the teacher working example and it only went to one page no matter the image that is clicked. I am going to go ahead and send this to support. Thanks for bringing this up!


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I have the same issue, but what am I clicking. I get the arrow over a picture but what am I clicking? Nothing happens when the cursor is over a picture/

I haven’t used this one yet, but my interpretation is that you are supposed to use the accelerometer to control the arrow, so as you move the Circuit Playground around, the arrow should move over the images and then when it is on the image you want to learn more about, you audibly say “click” and it will open that screen. You could say anything, really, as long as it is loud enough.

I haven’t tried it though. Has anyone been able to get it to work?


We got the code to work, but we could not get it to change screens when we say “click.”