CSP Unit 4 Lesson 12 Project - Coding Help

I have a student that wants a picture of a cat to show up based on the selections the user has made from the drop down menu on the 2nd screen. We are unable to get the picture to show.

Here is a link to her code. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



there’s a lot of things wrong with this project… so perhaps go through the differences in my patched version here App Lab - Code.org with this you should be able to properly show the given cat though you should note that not all the possible combinations are present at the given moment since there aren’t enough images perhaps the student can finish that on their own

hope this helps

Best Varrience

Hi @jpope,

Thanks for sharing this project! I notice you have “click here for the cat!” as just a regular text label. I didn’t see anything in the code specifying to update the screen when you click that. How would this act differently if it were a button or some other type of element?

I’d encourage you to read through the code with the student and have her tell you what is happening in each line and how the computer knows to do what you want it to do, when you want it to be done. This strategy often helps students dissect their code and find the disconnect between their intentions and what the computer tries to do.

Hope that helps,
Michael K.