When a drop down choice is chosen - a picture appears

I have a student with a project in which he is trying to have an image change with the dropdown_1. When he does change the dropdown_1 the image changes the first time to a mini cooper. The next time it shows the minicooper and the van. The third time it changes to a zoomed picture of the van.

So really, this simply comes down to having an image appear in the app screen when the dropdown menu word is chosen: “img_mini_cooper” when mini cooper is chosen.


Could you include some screen shots? I don’t know if I’m understanding your question fully. Your students wants the dropdown to have 3 options [Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper + Van, Zoomed Van] and the user selects and the image shows up?

Sorry for my confusion, and looking forward to figuring this out with you!


4492 is what is seen on the screen when the “minicooper” dropdown is chosen. When the “Honda minivan” dropdown is chosen, there is a picture on top of the first one (4493). When either of the dropdown menus is chosen again, the minivan picture is zoomed as in img 4494.


Can you click the “Share” link and share the URL with us? That would allow people to see the code, remix the project, and play around with it and see what’s going on. It looks like an interesting bug.

@chadwicko, I agree with Elizabeth, I’d definitely like to check out the code to see if I could debug!