Unit 6 Lesson 15

I have a student who wanted to make his own buttons instead of using the L and R botton on the board. He wanted to have a switch on the left that he could hold down and while it was down the signal light would blink. We cannot get this to work correctly. So he has two wires from a pin and a ground. On the switch he has one connected to the top and one to the bottom. then he adds another wire from each section of the switch to the led. He wants it to not blink unless the two parts come together. What is happening, though, is that the light blinks constantly while the switch is up and stops when the switch is down. He thought if he switched the down and up it would help. It did not help.

Can anyone help?

Hi @delilah.heil,

Do you happen to have a photo or image of the setup? I’m trying to think it through but it would be helpful if we had a picture to visualize it.

One thing I noticed is that the student is creating an LED for leftBlinker and rightBlinker, but then their event handler is looking for these LEDs to go “up” or “down”. Is this how LEDs function? If not, how should that code be written?

Michael K.


I had taken a video to let you see that the lights turn off when the two conductive materials touch but this would not take a video.

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