Unit 6 Lesson 15 Smart Bike

I have a student who completed the Smart bike lesson but then wanted to make toggle switches for the blinkers that would be closer to the handlebars than finding the buttons on the circuit board. It has proven to be harder than expected. We manage to get a backward effect. When the circuit is open, the blinkers work. When the circuit is closed, the blinkers turn off.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @delilah.heil,

The link is not valid. Can you repost a link so we can try and help out?




I am not able to test it but what I notice is that you have the rightBlinker and leftBlinker in the onBoardEvent block as “down” but you have buttonR and buttonL in the onBoardEvent block for “up”. rightBlinker and leftBlinker are new led objects but I don’t believe they have events like down and up. Does that help you problem solve?