2020-2021 Unit 6 Lesson 6 Challenge in Lesson Extras

Are there any exemplars of the suggested ideas on the motorcycle challenge in the lesson extras on Unit 6 Lesson 6 Getting Properties?

  • Use the toggle switch to change the motorcycle’s movement to go up and down.
  • Use a dropdown with color names to change the motorcycle’s color
  • Make the buzzer or LED turn on when the motorcycle reaches the top or bottom of the screen.

Thank you for any help!


Have you tried implementing any of them yet? We generally try not to post exemplars in the forum as there are students who use the forum, and I’m not aware of exemplars for that level.

If you’ve tried and aren’t able to get it to work, we can help debug.

Below is a screenshot of a quick example I just worked up for changing the color. This would require creating a dropdown and listing several colors as options in the dropdown, but it does work. I just used colors from the colors that are recognized in html as any of them should work as names in the dropdown (HTML Color Names)

Hope this helps you get started!


Thank you for the reply!
I haven’t tried, I was just trying to get something in case a student needed help before they had even started, to quickly get them back on path, but now, after the lesson, they were all successful in adding something new to the challenge, and what questions they had, I was actually able to help them debug! :wink: lol

Thanks, Mike! I really appreciate the support from you and everyone on this forum!