Unit 6 Lesson 15 (2020-2021) - headlight

In Unit 6, Lesson 15, when the students connect and program the headlight for the Smart Bike, the example code has 3 LEDs and 1 button. But here are aren’t enough ground connections on the circuit board for that. I don’t understand how this code would work.

I believe you can have multiple connections to the same ground. Look at this thread for a little more information. Connect Two Circuit Playground Classic boards to App Lab - #3 by bpenney Also, if you run into other issues on this level, please report back and/or let support@code.org know. I know there have been a few issues with this activity not fully functioning correctly and last I heard the engineers were trying to troubleshoot it.

I wish you the best!


Thank you. I tried multiple connections to the same ground, and that does work.

Since you mentioned it, I am also having trouble with the blinkers in this lesson. One of the blinkers works fine. The second one turns on but won’t turn off even when the button is “up.”

I believe this is the issue that has surfaced on this unit. You could contact support@code.org to report it. I know the engineers were looking into it. I’ll also pass it on as well.

If I hear anything, I’ll post back here.