Unit 6 Lesson 3

I really miss the practice lessons from last year. (in unit 4 &6) I feel like the new lessons are way to much of a jump for my students. It would be great if code.org could include the step by step practice from 22-23 in 23-24 along with the new leveled practice lessons. Teachers could decide if they want to use both! I know I can assign the old version but it’s a pain for students to jump back and forth. Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi @amy.foley,

Thank you for your feedback. I’d recommend filling out a feature request here to make sure the correct folks see it. The forum is more for discussion among educators rather than with the Code.org engineers.

Thank you!
–Michael K.

I totally agree. Code.org was awesome at scaffolding and smaller practice problems. Now it is longer projects that are more complex. Please go back for 24.


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