Unit 6: Scrolling Background in App Lab

My class is working on unit 6 for circuits.

This student is trying to make his background image scrollable. We can do it in in Game Lab, but it is to working in App Lab.

Any advice?

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Hi @jcharpentier,

I like the idea to scroll the road! I see you have figured out that App Lab doesn’t have a continuous loop like the draw loop in GameLab so you have to code one. You were on the right track (:wink:) with the timed loop and highwayy. You do need to “get” the y value of the highway image and then set that to your variable in the continuous loop. I don’t have a working circuit board with me so I setup a basic AppLab looping image here. Hopefully, this will help you figure out how to work the looping highway into your code.

Good luck!