Unit 7 help with code error

A student wrote this code an is having some problems

ERROR: Line: 16: Oops, we can’t figure out what follwerList is - perhaps you meant the string “follwerList” with quotes? If this is meant to be a variable, make sure you declared a variable: var follwerList

//Returns the owner’s username based on a certain rank
// rank (integer) rank show ranks of who had the most followers, used for index
//username(string) username of the owner of that account

function showRank(rank) {
var userList = getColumn(“Most Followed Instagram Accounts”, “Username”);
var username = userList[rank-1];
return username;

//can access the average amount of folowers
//average(integer) Average amount of followers
function findFollowerAvg() {

var followerList = getColumn(“Most Followed Instagram Accounts”, “Followers in millions”);
var sum = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < followerList.length; i++) {
sum = sum + followerList[i];
var findAverage = sum / followerList.length;
return findAverage;

onEvent(“show”, “click”, function( ) {
var user = U7LibrariesProjectPart2_2021.showRank(1);
setText(“text_area1”, user);

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