Unit 7 Publishing Library

One of my virtual learning students sent this message:

“I have finished writing the code for the functions that I would like to have in my library. However, every time I try to publish the library, Code.org does not let me do so saying to “Please check your internet connection.” I tried hot-spotting to my dad’s phone, restarting my house’s Wi-Fi, going to my dad’s office to try their internet, but nothing is working, and I keep receiving the same message. I have all the requirements for my functions, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. Can you please advise how I can publish my library of functions?”

Do you have a solution for this?

Holly Laird

I had this problem as well. It might be because the code is too long. Try minifying it at uglifyjs.net, with only support the non standard IE 6-8 checked.

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If it were me, I would cut and paste the code into a new project and try to publish that. That would be my next step.

Hi Holly,

Would your student be willing to share a link to the project so we can take a closer look at what’s going on?



Thank you for your response. We found that adding a number to the end of Library Name solved the problem. Holly

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Glad you got it to work!

We are having the same problem, and tried all of the solutions listed here. The only one that worked was infinitestasis’s suggestion to minify the code. The students find the minified code difficult to work with for obvious reasons.

Hi @dawnstiller,
Can you ask your student for a link to their code (using the share button) so that we can take a look at where the issue may be coming from?

My student has already edited their code. However, someone else recently posted about receiving an internet connection error, and they were able to discern from their end (not sure how though) that the actual error was for inappropriate content. I think this might have been the case for my student as well because they used song lyrics that I found objectionable for classroom use and asked them to remove.

I’m not sure why minify would have helped in that case, so I might be making an incorrect assumption.

I have a student who is having the same problem. I also tried to share it from my account, and I get the same error message, “Please check your internet connection.” https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/yLlBJkl2I92EaYNrRhhc-dHxxvv7IIrMFNyA8e9gxMU

This seems to be a recurring issue. Please contact support@code.org.

I remixed it and tried to share it as a library. What I got was this:

I renamed the two functions and removed the console.log calls. I was able to share it then.
Pot finder games are probably not good.

Thanks for your help! I wonder if the inappropriate games should be taken out of the datasets available to students?

The games are not inappropriate, your quest to find pot is.

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