Unplugged Activities - Conditionals

Hello All,

I’m home schooling my son (6 years old). So far for computer science I have used CodeSpark, Kodable, Tynker (still using), and Code.org to teach him. For Code.org, he has completed CS Fundamentals A and B and on lesson 12 of course C.

Can someone suggest some challenging unplugged activities for learning Conditionals?

Also, if you have some plugged in activities for learning conditionals as well.

To Code dot Org:
Thank you so much for putting this website together!!!


Hi @shaun.besse!
Course C Lesson 12 gives a very short preview of conditionals, but they aren’t explored fully until Course D. I’d suggest looking at the Conditionals with Cards lesson for an unplugged activity. You can challenge him to come up with the rules for his own card game that are all written as conditional statements. The lessons following this in Course D are also about conditionals.
We’re glad you’re enjoying the website!
Mike, CSF Team

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Thank you @mike. I will definitely use it.

Hey @mike,

I tried that lesson with him and he loved it. He even wanted to play it later just for fun. Next up, I will challenge him to come up with some new rules for another game.

Thanks again.

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