Unplugged Activity 2 - Computational Thinking - Zombies


As part of the course Accelerated Intro to CS (20 Hour Course), I am looking to take my students through Lesson # 3 Unplugged Activity - Computational Thinking - Zombies. For this I’m referring to the lesson plan https://studio.code.org/unplugged/unplug2.pdf but it is unclear/confusing.

Is there a easier version of the same lesson plan on how to conduct this activity or a video?

Please help

Hi there!

Back in the day, we found that activity quite confusing, as well (not one of my best.) As a result, we replaced the activity with this Computational Thinking Game.

You can find this activity and more, here: https://staging.code.org/curriculum/unplugged

Also, please note that we have updated our courses and the new preferred track to replace the Accelerated version is our “Express” version, found here: studio.code.org/s/express .

~Happy Coding!

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Thats sad because I had already started down the path with the Accelerated Course when you launched the Express course and have taken the students through the first 2 lessons already. Also, the downloadable activity is not available for the Express course’s Unplugged Activities.