Accelerated Intro to CS Course

Is there a set of lesson plans available for this course besides the Unplugged Activities? Or is there a correlation list between this course and course 2-4 that I might be able to use to pull the lesson plans?


There sure is!

We have a full curriculum book listed here.

You can download that PDF or the activity answer keys at this URL:


I was looking for the Accelerated course lessons. They don’t seem to all match up with Course 2-4 lessons. I was able to find the Unplugged Accelerated activities through the forum, but I don’t see lessons for the stage lessons done online.

Oh, yes. You’re 100% correct. Only courses 1-4 have teacher lesson plans associated with the online lessons.

Once our updated course is out of beta, we’ll have an accelerated version of that with lesson plans.

When will the accelerated course be out of Beta version? we are working with a group of teachers this June and would like to have access to this set of lesson plans specific to the Accelerated Course for the event. Could you provide the beta version if not the final for this event?


On Lesson 16, Relay Programming, a Review Question asks for the differences between parameters and variables, but no key with an answer. Can someone explain the difference to me or point me to an answer from another lesson plan?

I can only assume in two years since this original inquiry that there’s more course content available. Can you please provide assessment information? Thanks

Hi @febboj, what type of assessment information are you looking for? As you noted, this thread was started a while back, since then, we have launched the new courses A-F (

Is it possible to provide an update on this? I’m looking at adopting the Accelerated Intro to CS Course- 20 hours course but cannot locate a course overview or summary or lessons plans besides the Unplugged Activities. Or is there a more up to date intro CS course which can modified to be 20 hours or similar in length? Thanks @megan.hochstatter


Hi Josh,
Please visit CS Fundamentals for grades K-5 | for our updated, recommended courses. Any of the Courses A-F can be taught in 20 hours and each aligns to a grade level K-5. The Accelerated Intro Course most closely resembles the newer Express Course. The Express Course has more than 20 lessons but can be modified to fit your needs. We hope this helps!