Lesson plans were removed?


Hi, I’m new here, starting teaching an elective to students grades 5-8 in Arizona.

In the PDF docs, there is an outline of a LESSON PLAN - it looks like an interactive HTML page - I’m supposed to be able to get to this on my ‘dashboard’ - but it seems that the dashboard has evolved since the PDFs were created and it’s impossible - or it seems so - to find these lesson plans. If anyway can point me to a list, or the CS Discoveries Express plan, I’d be much obliged!


Hi Darren,

Are you looking for the lesson plans for the 30-hour CS Fundamentals Express Course that lives at studio.code.org/s/express? If so, we do still need to make those lesson plans linked directly in the course, but you can access them all here: https://curriculum.code.org/csf/express/

CS Discoveries doesn’t have an express track, but if you are interested in the lesson plans for CS Discoveries, those live at curriculum.code.org/csd.

Hope that helps,
Sarah Filman



You’re right, I’m sorry I did mean Fundamentals Express.

Thanks for those links, I do see the teacher prep guide … which is useful, but has the format changed? In the PDF, there is a - or what appears to be a - one page overview, with keywords, learning points etc all condensed, screen attached. These are what I’m looking for. Did you discontinue them? Shame, if so …


PS - I included the filename and page number in the top of image for your reference.

Thanks for your help!


HI @darren,

The diagram your picture shows is the layouts of the lesson plans. Those are available at the link Sarah shared https://curriculum.code.org/csf/express/ . All you have to do is click 1 of the numbers in the top purple area for the lesson you are looking for. For example https://curriculum.code.org/csf/express/1/ is Lesson 1.

All the best,