CS Fundamentals Express Curriculum Guide

Hi All,

Is there a Curriculum Guide for CS Fundamentals Express (2021)?
Similar to the one for CS Discoveries CS Discoveries Curriculum Guide 2021 - 2022 - Google Docs

I see the overall for Fundamentals (A-F), but would like the 2021 Express specifics.
source: https://code.org/curriculum/docs/csf/CSF_TeacherGuide_CoursesA-F_v2a_small.pdf

Specifically, I am looking for the “Overview and Timeline” info and graphic/grid. I would like to see a weekly breakdown along with knowing what is a Project (or mini-Project).

I am using CS Fundamentals Express for my 6th grade classes which are one trimester (12 weeks) long. Express seems perfect for this.
I am using the CS Discoveries (12-Week Condensed Semester) version for my 7th graders.



Hi Steve,
At this time, we do not have these resources for the Express Course.

cs fundamentals express ppt ?