CS Express Course Slide Decks for 2022?

Does anyone know if Code.org has plans to add instructional slide decks for teachers to use with the CS Fundamentals Express Course for 2022? I see that slides have been added for Courses A-F, so I’m hopeful that they will also be added for Express? If not, does anyone have slides they have created for the Express Course that they would be willing to share? This course has worked really well for me, in combination with CSD Unit 1, for an introduction to CS and computer programming for 6th graders! However, I really need slides for each lesson and I don’t want to work to create them over the summer if they already exist. Thanks!

Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for your question! Currently, for the 2022-23 CS Fundamentals curriculum update we have created slides for Courses C-F. We appreciate your feedback on adding slides for the Express course as it helps us prioritize the right updates for the future.

Emma, Curriculum Team