CS express fundamental course

Has anyone created Google slides presentation for the CS express fundamental course

Hi @jnichols,

You might have better luck asking for this at forum.code.org/csf. This board is for CS Discoveries so I’m not sure how much overlap there’s going to be.

I recategorized this question so it should show up on that board as well, but if you don’t get any responses I’d recommend looking there. I tried searching & nothing came up, but perhaps you’ll be more clever with search terms than I was. :slight_smile:

–Michael K.

Thanks for the redirect Michael. I looked several places w/o success. Since the express was 4th -8th I was not sure where to post. Julie

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Hi @jnichols,

If no one shares the specific slides for the express course, you can use and adapt the ones I am using for Course F, they are similar except at the beginning:

  • I started this slide deck with the express course 3 years ago, and last year and this year I have been adapting it to the current version of course F, so there might be slight changes in lesson numbers and order - I did not finish teaching it this year yet and I am working on it as the students progress.

The express course may use some lessons from course E, this is the slide deck I am using in case you find it interesting (same comment as above, I am currently adapting them to the 2020 version):

I have the slides for all the courses A-F if you need them.