How to prepare lesson plans / duration of each lesson

Hello fellow instructors and educators , please I need assistance on every level of the curriculum as outlined by

K-5 Educator Resources
How much time should be spent on each of the 4 lessons , should they be carried out weekly ?

Middle School Educator Resources

Computer Science in Algebra
Will a week of teaching each lesson be adequate or until each student has satisfactory understood the concepts ?

Computer Science in Science
Total estimation of the duration of the 4 modules combined ?

High School Educator Resources

AP® Computer Science Principles
Exploring Computer Science

These two are a term long course work but as an extra curriculum activities for my students , how much time should be spent to cover it all.

In all, I need help in drawing a lesson plan for each category that has work efficiently


It seems like you may be accessing an outdated page about the curricula. Check out the Teach page for the most recent offerings. Curriculum guides are available and they should have the information you requested. You can also access full lesson plans from the course page. For CSP - if you want to cover it all, it will take most of the school year (~30 weeks without the performance tasks).

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@anmrobnott, thank you for your previous response.

some more questions please.It seems both the Pre-reader express and the Express course links leads to a page that doesn’t have the course outline.

@odark88 I know there is a lot to read out there! It sounds like you are looking for a course outline for the elementary school curriculum, but I am not sure what kind of outline you are looking for. Do you have an example of what you are looking for?

Hopefully then I can better point you in the right direction!

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hi @kaitie_o_bryan, thanks for your reply.

what I am actually looking for is right here:

but when i follow the links for the accelerated modules for the CS fundamental, the links doesn’t show the course outlines

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@odark88 - Can you give an example of the course outline you have found in other places that you would like for those courses?

You can please follow these links and see where they lead to

So you would like a similar page for the other courses? Which ones?

All I am hoping to get is the outline for the CS fundamental express for elementary school grades


The links from your 0ct 17 2:15 pm post did not work because they have an extra 1. The links from the previous posts worked but I could only see the lesson plans if I was logged into my Code Studio account. Here are the links for the curriculum for Express and Pre-Express.

Lastly, the Fundamentals course is laid out differently from CSD or CSP. So, the same resources may not be available or they are organized differently. I will move this thread to the Fundamentals area. Perhaps, a CSF teacher has the resource you need.

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@anmrobnott, thank you very much . This is exactly what I have been looking for .

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