Only 4 hrs to teach some code to Grade 4,5,6,7?


Hi , i am helping out at my daughters school and i have been given 4 hours split into 4x 1 hr lessons to teach grades 4,5,6,7 some coding. I am an engineer, not a teacher but i am very passionate about teaching code. So what can i use on to effectively give the students some good exposure in 4 hours max ? I am looking through the hour of codes and these look good. Any recommendations on which specific ones to use? or any suggestions at all. ? if this goes well i might be able to get coding into the school long term and then other schools in my area too.
kind regards


I would suggest any of the activities from on the hour of code link. You could also enroll them in one of the CS Fundamentals courses. They are intended for a longer block of time but you could start them. There are individual ones for each grade level. There is also an Express Fundamentals course that you could use. I use it with 6th graders and the whole course takes 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for bringing CS education to your daughter’s school!


Thank you, that is good information. My apologies for the late reply. Im ready to teach now starting next week! .