Time Line for each lesson


In the well made lesson plans posted on the site, I clearly see the units and the corresponding lesson numbers within each unit. However, I’m looking for the recommended amount of days for each lesson and performance tasks.

I’m sure some lessons will be 1-3 days but I don’t have a handle for the length until I teach the course for at least one year.

If possible, is it too much to ask for a recommended length for each lesson and PT?

Thanks so much for reading



Over the last month, I vaguely remember reading a general timeline using weeks for each unit but I cannot find that source as I search again.


hey, joe!

we’re in the middle of a curriculum revision that would include a time estimate for each lesson. by the time you teach this next year you’ll have that information for each lesson.

the timing for performance tasks is set by the college board-- who require 12 hours of class time for the create task and 8 hours of class time for explore.


That’s awesome!

Thanks again. I truly appreciate the time and effort the entire code.org stafff is spending for this new AP CSP Course.