Length of lessons

Most lessons do not suggest a length and I was wondering what experience others made with how long students need for the lessons.

I responded to a post on the same topic yesterday:
Here; http://forum.code.org/t/16-17-general-discussion-for-lesson-5-4/6280/3?u=terence.stone25

terence.stone25 thanks for your reply. From your experience would you say that e.g. if you have 2 lessons in a week in the unit overview that each lesson would take up two school lessons? My students (grade 9) have minimal coding experience.


It depends on the lesson. I have found that my students, who are more advance struggle with some concepts I don’t expect them to. Therefore, I adjust the timeline for completing the lesson. Then at other times, I push for them to finish lessons so we can stay on pace. For example U5L7. I’d expect my class to finish that lesson quickly so I’d group that with L8. That would be one class with homework (Whatever they don’t finish in class).